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About this website.

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  • This website

    This is my home on the web. A place where I blog some thoughts and run a few experiments.

    Here, you can learn more about me, my work as software engineer and other stuff I have been up to.

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  • My website: Responsive images

    Image generation is handled by a custom Astro integration, similar to @astrojs/image, and all images are wrapped in a custom Figure component for richer content and better semantics. The image optimisations are carefully synchronised with the layout. Aspect ratio awareness is mandatory to eliminate CLS.

  • Archeology

    Previous incarnations of this website.

    When, what, how?

    See the docs section for details on the current version.

  • English spelling, because

    I honestly prefer english spelling. But support for en-gb in our tools is some times lacking and it can be frustrating.

  • Docs

    Some sparse documentation about how this website was built.

  • My website: Backlog

    Stuff I want to do on this website, or otherwise just investigate and experiment with. The done stuff is on the changelog page.

  • Decisions: Pending

    These options are under consideration 🤔 for further development of my website, or simply captured for future reference.

  • Decisions: Rejected

    Options considered while building this website, maybe even implemented at some point, but eventually discarded or reverted.

  • My website: Colour

    Colour palettes. They've been so fine tuned, they're vintage cheese 🐭 by now.

  • My website: Layout

    This website uses break points defined by the content itself to reorganise content in 4 different layouts.

  • My website: Typography

    About the typefaces used in this website and the responsive typographical scale in use.

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