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Browser Support: progressive

Which browsers should this website be worried about? I'll always favor progressive approaches, or even all in the future is now. But I am also concerned with who is left out.

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Status some work to do

I'd love to research about devices, geography, inclusion. But I love procrastinating even more.

Also, PostCSS is not reading browserslist and 😬 couldn't find any documentation for using "browserslist" in Astro

Attempted the solution described in the attached issue. 🐰 🕳️ Nothing prefixed, and warnings polluting the console 😟

[esbuild-plugin-browserslist] Skipping unknown target: entry=and_qq 13.1, browser=and_qq, version=13.1


This was previously adopted in 2019 for the previous version of this website.


// package.json > browserslist
["cover 95%", "not dead"]


// package.json > browserslist
["last 2 years", "> 1%", "not ie 11", "not ie_mob 11", "not op_mini all"]


  • just auto-prefixing

  • not explicitly supporting any browser that

    • pollutes CSS with fallbacks
    • requires contorts the CSS
    • harms the developer experience


  • coverage down to 89%

  • very minimal CSS available for IE 11 and Opera Mini

    • CSS is using custom properties very liberally
    • current technique requires that fallback is always provided to the rule
    • not up for that

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