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Formula 1 is insane, we just wanted to confirm

Photo of a temporary car park near Paul Ricard circuit
Circuit Paul Ricard, France, 2022

They said it couldn't be done, but we drove to France to take a look. In the end, F1 is not that great experience to see live. Unless you are interested in the beautiful decay of civilisation 😏 because all of this is obviously not sustainable.

We were driving from Barcelona just to watch qualifying Saturday (there were no more tickets for race day!) and I was terrified when I heard there are usually traffic jams and huge queues around the circuit.

Our audacious plan was to wake up at 6AM and drive from Barcelona to Marseille, deal with the orientation, the queues, the traffic, the parking lot, and the overall 🖕 🚗 experience, everything before 2 PM.

Would we make it in time? Reddit had the answer.

Doomed plan… when I went in 2018 it was 3 hours queue to leave the circuit back down the 1 way road. I would say watch it in a bar.

Checks out: it is insane

Obviously if you are flying this circus around the world, inviting 400 thousand car enthusiasts to a remote, agricultural place, with people driving hundreds, some times thousands of miles, to park in an improvised parking lot.

Oh yeah, you can ride the helicopter instead, if you fancy.

Photo of a temporary car park near Paul Ricard circuit

Obviously, there will be queues. And carbon monoxide. And sweat and disposable plastic bottles. And disposable "fresh humid air in a can" ... 🤯 And all the other emissions and 🌲 unfriendly side effects.

Photo of crowd walking around between stands and shops at Paul Ricard circuit

And in the end, ...

True we didn't watch a race. But I know how races go from 📺 TV. The supposedly added benefit of sitting in a stand, and watch up close those 3 corners? 👎

Photo of Max Verstappen's car driving by at Paul Ricard circuit

They roar, they're fast, and then they're gone. Quite monotonous.

And you get no commentators, no hype, no realtime data, no angles, no replays, no audio, ... and no comfort from your couch or even a close by toilet.

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