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Stack: SSG with Jamstack

Of course I want to keep generating my site statically.

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Static website, based on a Jamstack build.

Jam Stack is an architectural approach that decouples the web experience layer from data and business logic, improving flexibility, scalability, performance, and maintainability. Jamstack removes the need for business logic to dictate the web experience. It enables a composable architecture for the web where custom logic and 3rd party services are consumed through APIs.

Such fancy words 😂 but what's not to like?

In the end, it's K.I.S.S. all the way, like the old school peeps always said it was.

Note: I wrote about this in Static site generators: brief history.


  • full HTML static rendering
  • ~~SCSS~~ pure CSS
  • strict typescript
  • markdown + MDX
  • prefetching routes to speed up navigation after first page
  • explicit data & code splitting
  • full, unmediated control of SEO, layout,
  • easy to add features, such as responsive images, RSS, ...
  • simple deployment
  • ~ zero operation costs

And because back in 2006, the folks were right about all this.

Other options considered

😁 Not really.


Which one? Well it's Astro all the way.

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