Me and my website

My name is Andre Torgal and I was born in 1973 in Lisbon, Portugal.

This is my website, a place where I can blog some thoughts and run a few experiments.

House rules

Just to be clear: this is my space - I own the content, the opinions are my own, and it does not represent the company I work for at the moment.

If you find something that resonates with you, or otherwise object to, feel free to drop me a line via twitter @andrezero or email


A seasoned web developer and agile practitioner with a diverse background in engineering and management. I have been coding, leading, mentoring and facilitating for 20 years. Currently in London, UK. Read more.


A curious and passionate person. My story includes computers, bicycles and skateboards. Guitars, drums, theater and photography. Economics, management, more computers. Software, methodologies, frameworks. Read more.


Bare with me while I collect my old stuff. Meanwhile, check out the latest tracks I recorded. Read more.

One is a lie

  • I once worked in an obscure, surreal, movie production, so my name is on Imdb.
  • I am afraid of heights, but I once bungee jumped from 68 meters high.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo used to chill at my neighbour's house, but I never really talked to him.
  • I got a tattoo of a French character done by an American dude in the Czech Republic.

Coming soon

Got great plans for this website. I'm tired of dumping stuff in social media. More stuff coming soon.

See you around