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Twenty Twenty One

I have a bunch of "songs" 🎸 recorded at home, here in Barcelona, that I was hoping I could record better in the studio. But thats not happening soon because our world leaders suck, so I am just going to leave them here.

So here's the first one. Apparently, I called it Twenty Twenty One on the 24th of January of 2020 but I have no idea why. I remember I was playing with an old tune and mashed it up with the Twin Peaks soundtrack and then took it from there.

Twenty Twenty One (2:42)

Right before Spain went into lockdown I went to Oh Yeah! studio for a session with some friends. We played this song for a bit and it sounded good. I was making plans to record it better with some of them.

Then I put the guitar 🎸 down for the next 3 months.

Photo of a guitar pedal board with 10 pedals
Jamming at Oh Yeah! February 2020: Jumbotron pedal board

Where do these songs come from?

tl;dr: These songs come playing music with a lot of strangers.

When I came to visit Barcelona in 2015, already thinking of moving here, I ended up one night in a studio in Poblenou, jamming with an old friend from London and his friends from here (more exactly from Italy and Venezuela). We spent close to 5 hours in this place called Rockodromo having the time of our lives without having ever played together before.

Photo of me and 3 other jam mates in a gratified elevator
Jamming at Rockodromo!, April 2015

We eventually moved here in 2017 and my first job, teaching at Ironhack, was actually there in Poblenou. And among the teachers, students, and staff there were quite a few musicians. Ended up in Rockodromo again for epic jams with people from Catalunya, Cyprus, Norway, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, ... Mind utterly and internationally blown.

Photo of me playing a Telecaster and a friend playing bass
Jamming at Rockodromo!, November 2017

I later moved to another company and created a Jam group chat to schedule regular sessions with folks from the office. Another melting pot of cultures - Germany, Austria, England, Japan, Australia, Catalunya - and musical genres - Rock, Punk, Metal, Electronica, Jazz.

Rockodromo had closed meanwhile, but we discovered a couple other studios and the happy days continued, with regular jams, once or twice a month.

Photo of a colleague from work playing a black Gibson Les Paul guitar
Jamming at Rockodromo, August 2019

All along, the more people I met at the studio, and the more we exchanged ideas there, the more music I was writing at home. So I put down most of my old material - all this stuff I created back in Portugal and London and that I never really "finished" - and started recording the new ideas.

By the end of 2019 I had like 20 songs and had done many many takes, but all of them at home.

Next steps

I was hoping I could reunite with the people that influenced all this, and ask them for help to record some takes at the studio. But meanwhile 2020 is happening instead and we're not going to studios at the moment, so fuck it, might as well just share them as they are right now.

I am not giving up on improving this. I fucking love these tunes and would love to hammer some real drums in.

For now, I am interested in feedback. Liked it? Hated it? Get in touch.

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