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Stack: Gatsby + Typescript + SASS

I have been using my own simple SSG for 2 years now. But new tools have - obviously - emerged in the static sites space. Should I rebuild my site with Gatsby?

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Status Rejected

Turned down in favor of React Static + markdown + unified.js


  • all data sources need a graphql layer
  • data models in components, boilerplate
  • not pure Typescript (many js config files)
  • Typescript not compiled strict (not using tsconfig.json?) at develop/build time, probably my bad, but defaults and documentation were not helping
  • brittle, multiple compilation issues so far


  • typed GraphQL queries
  • integration with Storybook, expected painful


  • static site generator
  • React + Typescript + SASS
  • Plugin galore (images, attachments, meta, seo, ...)

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