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English spelling, because

I honestly prefer english spelling. But support for en-gb in our tools is some times lacking and it can be frustrating.

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Decision 🇬🇧 of course

Please, realising over realizing. Please neighbour over neighbor.

Stick to 🇬🇧 English, use a spelling extension.

  • Use VS Code extension Spell Right because
    • fast: tested on huge documents with thousands of spelling errors
    • entirely offline :notbad:
    • good UX: CMD+. -> suggestions (multi-lingual) and add to dictionary
    • easy to track dictionaries and separate user and workspace dictionaries

Curious note

:explode: everyone but Cambridge seems to think that trade-off should be spelled trade-off and not tradeoff:

The free dictionary believes both tradeoff and trade-off are the same thing, and both equally :uk-flag: and :en-flag: ... :sweatsmile:

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