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Stuff I want to do/experiment on my website.

The done stuff is on the changelog page.



  • ci/cd

    • purge assets not in use before sync
    • continuous deployment with gitlab
  • observability

    • new relic browser
    • google analytics
  • feature: rss

  • feature: blog roll

  • feature: add crono to changelog and to my story

  • small fixes and improvements

    • smooth scroll scrollIntoView({block: 'end', behavior: 'smooth'});
    • improve: router transition
    • favicon
    • feature: feed/{node-type}
  • poc: themeing

    • header colour switch (re-check class switching)
    • minimalistic header
  • internal navigation

    • feed page
      • recently updated, just the titles;
      • top tags + see all tags
    • tag page: related tags + see all tags
    • about
      • navigation
    • home
      • only a single (latest) blog post + see more
      • top tags + see all tags
      • about module
    • posts page
      • top tags + see all tags
      • about module
    • post page
      • navigation (next, previous)
      • related posts
      • see all posts
    • media page
      • navigation (next, previous)
      • see all media
    • meta page
      • navigation (breadcrumbs)
  • ui: responsively reposition dates along with node type, as well as meta and tags

  • a11y tooling: linting with tslint-microsoft-contrib and run time analysis with react-axe

  • feature: footnotes

  • content: /tags/personal

  • emojis in timeline

  • use icons in footer external links

  • noise in the transition to the footer

  • add links to the source files on github

  • storybook: type, scheme, space see typography here and space here, and some inspiration too

  • jest + enzyme

  • husky + lint staged


  • search
  • make data available to the 404 page
    • fix/workaround issue of getRouteData() being useless here
    • refactor routes code, decouple routes from sources so that data from one source can be used in different routers


  • react-dom.development.js:522 Warning: Encountered two children with the same key, /tags/social-web in /tags


  • acessible routing: scroll to top when clicking on link to current page (and no anchor in link)

React Static

  • 7.0.10 errors when builing for production: Error: React-Hot-Loader: Hot Module Replacement is not enabled
  • 7.0.9 error in console Prop href did not match. Server: "" Client: "/" is a WONT FIX from the maintainers
  • 7.0.9 noise when building for production
  • 7.0.9 error with webpack-dev-server - Uncaught SyntaxError: The URL 'http:/[http//localhost]:3000' is invalid - patched with "resolutions": { "react-static/webpack-dev-server": "3.2.1" } in package.json
  • maximum call stack error when using helmet with children, following issue here
  • 404 has no access to getRouteData() because it looks up the failed route instead of the 404 path


  • Types for rehype-raw rehype-react remark-parse and remark-rehype added manually, waiting for this PR to be merged, posted on unified community


  • react-static docs mentions reloadCliendData() should be used to re-render when data changes, but I only got it to work by using the undocumented api rebuildRoutes()
  • Lighthouse seems to report time to first interaction thinking that the page is waiting for react to render (when in fact is just hydrating)