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Accessible but never boring

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As a customer of Wise with accessibility challenges (nothing serious, just mostly “damn, where are my glasses when I need to make a transfer?“) I ❤️ the updates to their design system.

Wise works in 170 countries. You can send, spend and receive like a local almost everywhere. For us this meant being local, on a global scale. Responding to the countries and cultures we serve, not just reflecting them.

A brand for everywhere: Wise unveils bold new look

Gone are the days when you had to look like a boring bank to build a product that can be used by all. It’s time to think bigger. Bold brands embrace accessibility.

Wise Design - Accessible but never boring ❤️

Obviously, as with any rebrand, you won't be able to please everyone.

According to many, for instance in hacker news: yeah there was no reason to do this,

After thinking about it some more, it is because the rebranding is "fun". I'm transferring significant amounts of money through this company. I don't want fun. I want someone I can trust, that's it.

this UX/UI design is one of the most horrific and unpleasant one I have seen in years.

That's relative. For me it's quite pleasant and attractive. Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Wise seems to be wise enough - ba dum tss 🥁 - to stick to one brand, one voice.

Apparently, what moves the needle for them is:

  • general banking business
  • 300 million customers with colour blindness
  • access to market in entire countries that require accessibility standards (and/or consider non-compliance liable to private lawsuit)

Regarding this last point, here's a couple of interesting summaries of what are the most recent trends in accessibility laws. If your company is not paying attention to this, you should be worried. There's probably a lot of work to do in your products to meet the bar. And the bar is raising very fast, as is the risk of not complying.

Post: DEFCON 31 - The future will prevail


Information overload

Pace of change

We can retreat into an idealized past of simpler times where we were less aware, we can become frozen in our present or we can adapt and ride the shockwave into the future.

As you work on your various projects, keep in mind that the future is undefeated, and it belongs to the resourceful, the brave and most of all to those who can see around the corner of what is and what might be.

I guess this applies to us all.

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These 2 popular and historical neighbourhoods of Barcelona.

Having been born in São Domingos de Benfica I can feel the how much Carrer de Sants.

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  • shape the format
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dive in, enjoy the narrative


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