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What Scrolls Down

The challenge was simply to resize the Iframe as per messages sent by the framed document via window.postMessage().

The content of the frame is quite arbitrary.

It's a photo of Alphonse Mucha's stained glass at Katedrála Sv. Víta, Praha, taken with cheap phone, summer of 2019.

Fooled around a bit with CSS: text-orientation and how to get average colour of images, while seriously procrastinating any serious commitment to design something intentionally.

😉 😉 Click anywhere on the image. 😉 😉

The quote by Timtothy Samara is a random inspiration I picked up at Sarah Drasner's workshop "Design for developers" during 2019 Full Stack Fest in Sitges, Barcelona.

🤔 I guess this is all connected somehow.

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